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How To Clean Your Dogs Ears!

How To Clean Your Dogs Ears!

We’ve been asked a few times about how we clean our dogs ears and to be honest we’re pretty lucky as far as Penny goes, her ears are always spotless.Ollie on the other hand is a filthy little messer – so we have to keep on top of his! It’s easy enough to do, doesn’t require much expensive equipment and if your dog is like Ollie they’ll really enjoy getting it done once part of a routine!

First here’s a quick infographic…

How To Clean Your Dogs Ears!

So the above is one recommended way of cleaning your dogs ears with a cotton ball and cleaning solution. Ollie prefers a gentle rub with the a cotton ball & cleaning solution, rather than placing it fully in his ear. He also has some relaxing ear massages thrown in for good measure! We use the below Clean ‘n’ Safe wipes too:

Dog Ear Wipes

…they make things a bit easier and aren’t that costly. One area to remember to clean, that you may miss, is called the ‘shepherd’s purse’. This was shown to us on one of Ollie’s vet visits over the years. Gently lift/separate the small flaps of skin and clean in between. In Ollie’s case these generally are full of grime no matter how often they are cleaned. Remember – your dogs ears are very sensitive, so be gentle! See below for Ollie’s shepherd’s purse…

Dog Ear Wipes - Shepherds Purse

I hope this helps in cleaning your dogs ears!! It’s really nothing to get worried about as long as you are gentle and take your time, don’t continue if your dog gets stressed – leave it for a while and continue later. After you get into a routine your dog should become accustomed to it – though some will never!! It will be like going to the vet – they know its coming and will hide! =)

Note: never put a cotton ball or any other type of object too far into your dog’s ear or ear canal. Doing so could result in it becoming stuck and/or damaging your dog’s ear. If you are unsure how often to clean your dog’s ears, consult with your vet. Cleaning your dog’s ears excessively could cause problems just as much as failing to clean their ears at all.

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