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Friday Funny: Honest Dog Breed Slogans…


We found these a few days ago and thought they we quite funny and just had to share them! These are very cute little illustrations by Laura Palumbo about poking fun at some of the typical stereotypes that are out there about certain breeds of dogs.

Here’s a bit from Laura about her illustrations…

Many people I know say they would like to have a dog, but they exclude Dobermanns, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and so many other breeds from the start, because there’s still a belief that they are too aggressive. I think it’s true that every breed has different traits but with correct education, every dog can be suitable with kids. I believe that dogs are what their humans are.Palumbo told Bored Panda.

Enough said – here’s your Friday Funny….

#1 – The Dachshund


The amount of ‘wiener’ jokes we have heard from family and friends. Not to mention the well intended wiener pun gifts. 

#2 – The Bulldog


#3 – The French Bulldog


#4 – The Pitbull


#5 – The Corgi


#6 – The Pug


#7 – The Golden Retriever


#8 – The Great Dane


#9 – The Chihuahua


#10 – The Mutts


Images courtesy of Bored Panda

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