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Review PT3: Ruffle Snuffle – Original Snuffle Mats!

  • Ollie gives these 9/10!
  • Penny gives these 9/10!

Ollie & Penny says...

We have to give this a big paws up! I (Ollie) took to it 'like a duck to water'! Over the last few weeks I've been using it for breakfast and treat times - and I love it!


It’s time for part three, our final installment of our Ruffle Snuffle reviews – this time Ollie & Penny are trying out Ruffle Snuffles signature product – the original Ruffle Snuffle Rug!

If you haven’t read our previous Ruffle Snuffle installments you can find them below. Take a look and see how the sausages got on and of course our first impressions!

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ruffle_s_logo_smRuffle Snuffle is a UK based company that produces a unique handmade range of pet products designed to stimulate your pet during meal times & play. With products such as the original Ruffle Snuffle Rug, Tuggers Twist and Tuggers Pop all made with the ‘quality of life’ of your pet in mind. Sarah White is the brain behind the Ruffle Snuffle, having a background in pet behaviour & training which helped create this wooftastic product range!

Thanks to the lovely Sarah we had almost the full range of products from Ruffle Snuffle for Ollie & Penny to review over the last month. This includes the original Signature Ruffle Snuffle Rug, Tuggers Twist & Tuggers Pop! We have to mention the newly launched line of natural soaps too ‘Whiffy’ which come in a yummy lime scent! 

We decided to review these products over a number weeks, allowing us and the wieners plenty of opportunities to test each product properly and to give them the time they deserve. So this is our third article in the series of 3 reviews. Let’s get started!

Ruffle Snuffle Original Rug:


The Ruffle Snuffle rug is the signature product in their lovely line of handmade creations from Sarah and her team. As the name implies, it’s a rug but with a twist. It has lots of fleecy folds that you hide treats in, which your pet has to then snuffle out. It’s perfect for mentally stimulating your pooch (or any other animal too!) at meal times by bringing out their natural instinct to hunt and snuffle for their food!

So we have the gorgeous purple, white and green signature rug for Ollie & Penny to test. First thing you’ll notice is the colours – they are just so striking and vibrant and a real eye catcher! The rug came with a little leaflet on how to wash and use and care for it. It’s pretty self-explanatory really! Here we go:

Penny - waiting for her kibble to sprinkled in the Ruffle Snuffle!

Penny – waiting for her kibble to be sprinkled in the Ruffle Snuffle!

We first gave the rug a good auld shake to ruffle up the fleecy folds before placing it on the kitchen floor. Both Ollie & Penny knew something was going on and raced in from the other room to investigate. We decided to let them have a little nosey at the ‘new arrival’ before we added any food incentive to the scenario. They gave it a good sniff – Penny especially, to our surprise. Penny isn’t really motivated by food and is much more into her toys ( and we all know particularly tennis balls). Can you see where this is going?  She really loved the rug – going over every inch of it before deciding it was her new favourite toy and tried to drag it off to the other room – without success.  After informing Penny of the Ruffle Snuffles intended use we took a handful of the sausages kibble and sprinkled into over the rug and ruffled it up. We didn’t make it too hard for their first time but did push a few pieces of kibble a bit further into the rug base!

We re-ruffled the rug! (…yes, we made that up and we’re sticking to it!)

Ollie was up first and he had no problem figuring out what to do – once food was involved.  He was straight in there on top of the rug, to the side, over and back snuffling out all his kibble!! Ollie is quite a fast eater so this product is perfect for slowing down his food intake a meal times. Not only that but you could see how physically excited he was at searching out his dinner!

Take a look at Ollie & Penny in action with their Ruffle Snuffle:

Next it was Penny’s turn. She was just bursting with excitement waiting for Ollie to finish! We re-ruffled  (…yes, we made that up and we’re sticking to it! It means to restock your Ruffle Snuffle with kibble!) the rug for Penny and let her at it. She took her time and delicately maneuvered her way around picking out the kibble. Penny’s not a fast eater – in fact she really is the total opposite to Ollie where food is concerned; she has been known to leave her breakfast and go for a little dander and then come back to snack on it. So the rug might not be a necessary ‘slow-down’ tool for Penny but she did enjoy the snuffle factor and really got stuck in trying to find her kibble!


Like the other Ruffle Snuffle products, their original rug is very well designed and thought out very well from start to finish.  From the vibrant fleece material to the sturdy rubber base, it has quite a heavy substantial structure (it weighs about 1.6kg). Something you can’t really see or feel when looking at these products online. You have to see these in the flesh to understand how strong they are not to mention how very safe to play with for the sausages. It’s also a big plus that they can be machine washed safely – as I’m sure over time they could get a little grubby with continued use.

Each one of these Ruffle Snuffle rugs is handmade in Duxford in the UK from soft fleece and a custom made rubber base. It comes in a variety of colour combinations – basically anything you or your pooch can imagine! The signature rug that we tested come comes in the Purple, White and Green fleece combination and is approximately 45cm x 45cm is size. You can also get a smaller size, 30cm x 40cm – perfect in our opinion for smaller breeds, cats, guinea pigs or rabbits. Full details can be found on their website here.

Note these toys are made for snuffling – not for picking up and running away with – you hear that Penny.

In Summery:

Both Ollie & Penny have to give this a big paws up! Ollie took to it ‘like a duck to water’! Over the last few weeks he has been using it for breakfast and treat times – and he loves it! From our point of view it has really helped slow him down at breakfast times – we used to call him our little hoover, but now we’ll have to come up with a different nickname for him! Penny on the other hand loves this product for a different reason – yes she loves to snuffle out the treats but she also loves the texture and feel of the mat and has adopted it has her new favorite toy!!

You can try these products out for yourself by going to Sarah’s website: where they are priced at £18.00 to £29.50 each! Do let us know if you purchase these and how your pooch gets on with them!

You can win some Ruffle Snuffle products for your pooch…

It’s a big paws up from Ollie & Penny with a 9/10 for these ‘Ruffle Snuffle’ signature rugs! If you want your pooch to try these toys out too, then pop by our giveaway post where you have a chance to win all of the following:

1 x Tuggers Twist
1 x Tuggers Pop
1 x Signature Ruffle Snuffle Rug

Enter here: Giveaway: Ruffle Snuffle Rug, Tuggers & Pop!

*Ruffle Snuffle has provided these products for Ollie & Penny to review. All reviews and opinions are our own and we have received no financial contributions for this review.

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