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Review: Pooch Post Monthly Subscription boxes – June 2016

  • Ollie gives these 8/10
  • Penny gives these 9/10

Ollie & Penny says...

Ollie & Penny love getting their monthly Pooch Post delivery! This month they both really enjoyed the Cheeky Dog Bakery cookie treat - so our special mention this month has to go to that, even though Penny only got a little taste of it!


Pooch Post time of the month is always an exciting time for Ollie & Penny. The excitement of getting their monthly postal delivery from their pal Lilly is almost too much for them! So it was waggy bums and throaty grunts from Ollie when the courier arrived this month with the Pooch Post logo and Lilly’s little face poking out from behind their grasp. Ollie was, as always, first to notice the post was here – yes, it’s June Pooch Post time!! 


photo-lillyPooch Post is an Irish monthly dog subscription box service, and is based in Kildare. Lilly, the bichon has the best job ever! She oversees and tests all the products that go into their boxes – from treats to toys and accessories, as well as making sure to provide us with pawtastic Irish pet brands too! They provide 3 different box sizes to fit your pooch breed and also 3 subscription choices – 1, 3, or 6 months!


Ollie & Penny are thrilled to be reviewing another box of canine goodies from Pooch Post, this time for June 2016! This box is their sixth and final delivery by Pooch Post to the sausages. You can read our other monthly reviews here! Boxes are posted on the 15th of each month – so if you get your subscription in before the 12th of the month you’ll be guaranteed to get the next monthly box full of canine goodies and surprises for your pooch! Here’s what was in the June box:

1 x Desmond the Duck Eco Toy by Green & Wilds
1 x Sports Balls (3 pack) by Kong
1 x Ice-Cream Peanut Butter Cookie by Cheeky Dog Bakery
1 x Turkey & Apple Artisan Treats by Olive’s Larder
1 x Sweet Potato Dog Chews by Soopa


Let’s get straight into it!


With two very excited doggies waiting to see what was in their monthly Pooch Post and starting to become somewhat of a trip hazard, we prepared to go live for our unboxing on Facebook! Prepared? Yes, we did prepare even though it didn’t look like it. We’ve learned that no matter how much you think you’ve prepared, you never really are when you have two dachshunds – one obsessed with food and the other obsessed with all things ball shaped.  The resulting video can be viewed below or on our Facebook page here or Vimeo page. And yes, Ollie did down a whole Cheeky Dog Bakery cookie in one go while having a month still full of Soopa sweet potato treats at the same time.


First impressions:


Pooch Post arrived promptly again this month, earlier than usual  …with its trademark cardboard box and the lovely ‘Pooch Post’ logo. Our Fastway courier is definitely getting used to bringing Ollie & Penny their monthly box – she couldn’t avoid hearing the barks of excitement coming from the other room! Inside all the products were laid out in the usual stunningly presented way on a base of straw.  We thought the box looked extra packed this month. Time for the sausages to get their paws on it!

We placed the box on the floor and immediately Ollie was in there working on the weak points to gain access – the corners.  At first poor Penny didn’t really get a look in – but that was about to change!

We helped the wieners open their box – Penny found the first product, the Kong Sports Ball in lightning fast speed and was off with them to her bed! We wouldn’t blame her – these are a 3 pack of rubber balls covered in a soft fleece material and styled like sports balls.  While not my expert area, one is a football, one a basketball and the third a pool 8 ball! Penny loves these and they are now all hers – though she does allow Ollie to play with them sometimes. Three days in with these and we have had one casualty, bye, bye basketball. Although quite durable the fleece material proved too irresistible for two dachshunds. Once penetrated it was just a matter of time. 

While Penny was entertained with the Kong balls Ollie’s attention was immediately drawn to the treats, which included the Cheeky Dog Bakery cookie, a familiar box of Olive’s Larder treats in the corner and of course yummy Soopa Chews! 

Ollie eyeing up the delicious Olive's Larder treats!

Ollie eyeing up the delicious Olive’s Larder treats!

Ollie chose the Olive’s Larder Turkey & Apple treats to open first! We have tried and reviewed these before and both Ollie & Penny adore them – very tasty I’ve been told! So when we opened these for the sausages they knew exactly what they were getting! The treats themselves are round shaped and approximately one centimeter thick. We break these in half; which is easy to do, for the wieners as I find a half a treat is more than enough for each of them. Ollie is not fussed on manners and scoffed his. Penny dropped her new Kong balls and came for her half – high praise indeed.


Next up we busted open the Soopa Sweet Potato treats! Easier said than done with one hand! We love these natural dog treats from Irish company Soopa. These are a regular treat in each monthly Pooch Post and also a regular treat of Ollie & Penny, as we also stock these in Ollie’s Boutique! Full of fantastic nutritional benefits – a must for all dogs!  As you can see in the video Ollie loves these and will happily munch on them all day – he actually sneaked a few extra during the unboxing. Penny didn’t seem too interested in them this time but to be fair her interests lay with her 3 new Kong balls. She does enjoy the papaya & coconut varieties a little better, as she finds them a bit softer and easier to chew!


Next up was the ever so cute & adorable looking peanut butter flavour ice-cream cookie by Cheeky Dog Bakery!  With its distinctive plastic rustle (Cheeky Dog use earth friendly cornstarch plastic wrapping!), Ollie knew what was waiting for him within! The sausages definitely recognize quality – as what ensued next was the result of a rather spoilt little sausage dog. Ollie started with a little sniff and a lick and we think he really liked this as we got ‘big white eyes’ from him!  We broke off a piece for him and another for Penny but little did we know this would be the last Penny would see of this treat! Both doggies munched their pieces down and wanted more! So we can’t recommend these enough, obviously in moderation, as with all treats. Then it happened. We had left the rest of the yummy cookie on the table, where we thought it was safe, while we investigated the other item in the box. However, Ollie had other ideas and performed a very cheeky sausage ‘snatch & grab’ from the table. Before we knew it he has downed the rest of the cookie. What a naughty little sausage.  Poor Penny was very disappointed; until see noticed her tennis balls again.

Desmond the Duck provding a little bit of interest for Penny.

Desmond the Duck provding a little bit of interest for Penny.

Though both Ollie & Penny showed little interest at first in the next item in the box – we really do love the idea behind it. It is the eco  conscious ‘Desmond the Duck’ by Green & Wilds. It’s made from recycled cotton and jute rope and is billed as ‘tough and long lasting’. First, I’ve got to say that Green & Wilds is a brilliant company and produces great earth friendly treats and products for your pooch. With that being said, it doesn’t always mean you dog is going to love it straight away. Penny had no real interest in this toy while unboxing it and neither did Ollie. Writing this, 4 days later, Penny still hasn’t looked at it much. Ollie has being playing with a bit more and has enjoyed undoing the knots (this is his thing) and last night was successful in removing the head from the body. So it has taken a bit of a battering and we would say not so tough when it comes to dachshunds! I’m afraid it won’t be long lasting in our household. 


Finally this month we also had an item not so much not really for the dogs but for us hoomans! Pooch Post included an exclusive discount code for 20% off at Precious Portraits and Pawtraits, so we can get a fantastic pawtrait of Ollie & Penny!

Precious Portraits are based in the south of Ireland and is operated by April & Buddy! April works in various mediums: graphite, prismacolor pencils, acrylic and water colour and can produce some lovely artwork of your best friends from photos you send her! Pop by their Facebook page (linked above) to see some of her great work including Pooch Posts lovely poster girl Lilly!


In summary


Each month you can expect to find between 4 and 5 quality products like the above in your Pooch Post delivery. Items range between natural organic treats like Soopa to fun new toys and innovative products that your dog will love.

Ollie & Penny love getting their monthly Pooch Post delivery! This month they both really enjoyed the Cheeky Dog Bakery cookie treat – so our special mention this month has to go to that, even though Penny only got a little taste of it!  She made up for it though by totally hogging all the sports balls from Kong – that’s nothing new. Desmond the Duck by Green & Wilds was a bit hit and miss for the sausages, though it is a great toy for the right pooch. Overall another great box by Pooch Post – well done Lilly, Stephen and the team!


Value for Money: 

We’re continuing our new section this month and comparing the individual product prices against the box price itself to give you an idea of the value for money you can expect to get in a monthly subscription box from Pooch Post.

– Sweet Potato Dog Chews by Soopa – e3.80
– Desmond the Duck by Green & Wilds – e7.74 (UK Price)
– Peanut Butter ‘Ice-Cream’ Cookie by Cheeky Dog Bakery – e5.00
– Turkey & Apple Treats by Olive’s Larder – e3.86 (UK Price)
– Sports Balls by Kong – e6.50

This month the total item price for the April box is e26.90 (on average). The box price ranges from e24.00 – e29.00 per month depending on your subscription length. So there is potential for quite a big saving every month by signing up for the longer subscription. If you aren’t keen on getting surprises (for us that’s the best bit), or if your dog has specific diet requirements, then maybe purchasing treats & toys that you’re used to individually would be better than a subscription service. Each to their own! But the excitement for the pooches is priceless – in our humble sausage opinion!


Get your own Pooch Post!




You can get your own, sign up for Pooch Post and get the next box which is July, by popping over to their website! Prices, as mention above, range from e24.00 to e29.00 per month depending on your subscription length! 

Pooch Post is Irelands best dog subscription box! So good they’ve decided to make it available to you fabulous UK doggies! Stay tuned, as Pooch Post will be arriving to the UK very very soon – keep an eye on their social pages for updates! (Update: UK doggies can now place their order! Yay!! With FREE shipping!)

You can also find regular offers & discount codes their too – pop by twitter & Facebook for all details!

*Pooch Post has provided their monthly boxes for Ollie & Penny to review. All views and opinions expressed are our own and we have received no financial contributions for this review.

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