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Review: Wonderboo Premium Natural Dog Foods!

  • Ollie gives these 9/10
  • Penny gives these 8/10

Ollie & Penny says...

Overall both sausages loved this Wonderboo food and give it a big paws up with 8.5/10! Us hoomas, the ones buying the food, loved it too, with one sight concern over it being a tad expensive.


Hello again! We’re back with a new review! We haven’t done any reviews over the last few months as we thought both Ollie & Penny needed a break from tasting all the yummy treats our pals have provided us (Both sausages objeted to this!). It was also good timing, as our boutique needed some love and attention too, which is now back all shiny and new and so are we! The sausages are just drooling to get back into it and today we have a very yummy and unique dog food for them to test all the way from Sweden!  Yes, Sweden, but it is available almost everywhere! Say hello to the yummy Wonderboo!

photo-profile-wonderbooWonderboo produce natural premium dog food from the best natural ingredients and is made in Sweden! It’s available for both adult dogs and puppies and is packaged in individual serving portions depending on your pooch size! Very handy!

As we all know, there are many great dog foods out there but also a lot of not so good ones. Wonderboo is definitely at the higher end of the scale. It’s made from wholesome natural products, such as Swedish Ox and Cod with grain free and light options too! The big difference is that Wonderboo food is air dried slowly, which helps to keep in all the goodness! Pawfect!  So let’s find out a bit more about the flavours Ollie & Penny are testing today.


What are we testing today?

article-standard2-image-690x460-wonderboo5The good people at Wonderboo sent Ollie & Penny two flavours to try out – Swedish Ox & Swedish Cod. On first arrival we have to say we were very impressed! They both arrived well packaged and in good time! They were wrapped in lovely tissue and came with an information booklet. Everything looked very lovingly put together. We haven’t changed and these extra touches still make us very happy while it only takes a few moments to do. 

Before we were contacted by Wonderboo we had heard of the brand but didn’t really know too much about them. So when we were opening the boxes we weren’t sure at all what to expect. We we’re pleasantly surprised with how the food is packaged. The thought put into the style and details is very evident as is the creators obvious love of dogs. We received a box containing 7 meals, each weighing 50g which is just right for the sausages. Each meal is contained in a sealed plastic tray, which gave us ‘Louis Vuitton ’ vibes. That can’t be bad!


It smelled delicious. 
Yes – it smelled fishy but it is cod after all.


So Lets Get to it…


When you open a tray, we started with the cod, you’re presented with a grainy powdery product. Not what you’d be expecting based on your typical dog food. It smelled delicious. Yes – it smelled fishy  but it is cod after all. Looking back maybe we should have opened the ox flavour first  as the strong fishy smell immediately had the sausages on high alert and the taste buds tingling! Though I’m sure their reaction would have been the same had we opened the ox flavour. Tails were wagging even more furiously and plenty of sniffing the air! They just had to have it!


article-standard2-image-690x460-wonderboo4We gave them a sniff and Ollie was straight in there, knocking it out of my hands and trying to gobble it all! Penny was in there too, though she wasn’t as frenzied! Their dinner wasn’t due for another few hours so we felt very cruel in teasing them with this delicious meal and then taking it away from them. It was a painful few hours for us – thank you for that Wonderboo. 

Meal time came around eventually for the poor starved wieners Ollie & Penny. At first glance we thought that one portion (or meal each) would not be enough to fill both Ollie & Penny, but we were wrong. One portion was plenty. Both sausages licked up every last bit from their bowl and then did they’re usual swap-sies and licked each other’s bowls. That is as close to a doggie thumbs up you’re going to get. #pawsup


The Technical Stuff

Wonderboo is gently air-dried to preserve all the nutrients. It contains 100% natural Swedish ingredients. This includes beef, rumen, cod fillet, wholegrain barley and a little extra TLC in the form of vitamins and minerals. There are no fillers or artificial additives. 

article-standard2-image-690x460-wonderboo8As with any treat or food you should always make sure and check the back of the packet for a full list of ingredients before feeding to your pooch. If you’re changing your dog to a new food such as Wonderboo then you will need to do it gradually over a period of time while mixing it with their current food.

Ollie & Penny did have Wonderboo mixed with their a little of their current food over the first week of testing.

 Watch Ollie & Penny open & taste their Wonderboo…



In Summery

Overall both sausages loved this food and give it a big paws up with 8.5/10!  Us hoomas, the ones buying the food, loved it too, with one sight concern over it being a tad expensive  to feed. It is obvious how healthy and good this food is for them. It is veterinary recommended after all. The packaging and stylish design also helps for us hoomans – though I’m not sure the weiners care too much about that!

Ollie can be quite a sensitive eater and after a few years of trial and error we’ve got things just right for him. We don’t like changing his food or routine at all if we can help it.

So giving him Wonderboo to test wasn’t something we done on a whim. He had no problem with it at all though. Penny on the other hand is just your typical fussy eater, though she didn’t hesitate in munching down her dinner when this was in her bowl.

As we mentioned above both dogs had this mixed in with their usual food over a week. Penny did have an upset stomach at the beginning though this did disappear after the first meal. Ollie had no problems and just loved it all! #cheekysausage


Let your pooch try Wonderboo…




You can try their food out for yourself by going to Wonderboo’s website: where they are priced from around €13.40 and up depending on size and quantity. You can also set up a subscription and get your delivery of Wonderboo every month!


Do let us know if your try them out as we do think they are great! 



*Wonderboo has provided their dog food for Ollie & Penny to review. All views and opinions expressed are our own and we have received no financial contributions for this review.

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