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IVDD Diaries: Wk 4 – Leave it to hooman #2!

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So this week was meant to be written by hooman #2 to the sausages – Thomas. Another perspective to how we’re getting along with Ollie and his IVDD story. Unfortuantely he has let us all down and not written his diary entry for the week.  We’re really really disappointed and so is Ollie. All we can say is we’re really sorry and if you want something doing you need to do it yourself. We’ll know for the future.

We haven’t got time to write a full diary entry ourselves today (…again sorry!)  but we are going to give you an update on Ollie who started his hydrotherapy this week, yay!  Saturday to be specfic – with Sharpwells K9 Hydrotherapy; which is just around the corner from us! It didn’t start well for Ollie who discoverd he had to fast for 3 hours before his session  – we all know how he likes his food and treats! He got through the ‘no treat‘ phase and off we went with a little apprehension. Garth is the guy who owns and runs Sharpwells and he quickly made us all feel at ease – not just Ollie but us silly hoomans too.


Ollie was a little nervous at first, which was expected as he’s never been in ‘deep’ water before. We tried taking him to the beach a few times and the water just never interested him. He’d run straight back to the comfort of the car and his bed. #dachshundproblems When he was a puppy, before we had a car we walked to the vets for one of his visits. When we came out there was a thunderstorm  and it was spilling from the heavens. Ollie would not walk in it, even with an umbrella over him. We had to carry him under our coats and under the umbrella. So water really isn’t his friend.

I degress though, lets get back to the hydotherapy. Garth was very gentle with Ollie and very aware of how nervous Ollie was. He took things very slow and fitted Ollie with a life jacket and off he went for his first swim!  When we say swim, what we mean is it was more ‘exercises’ for about 10 minutes at a time for his backend. The purpose of hydrotherapy for Ollie is to try and help regenerate the nerves in his legs, toes and lower back that were lost when his disc popped out of place. It also helps build his muscles back up in his legs as he’s not been able to be as active since the operation. On a side note it can also help keep his weight (ahum) in check too – which also ties into the previous point.

The hydrotherapy defintiely took it out of our little wiener. He was wrecked after it and when we got home he went for a long nap!! I’m sure he’ll start to really enjoy this every week!


Next week: I’ll be back for our regular diary update – Ollie will have more hydrotherapy and we’re expecting a special delivery for the sausages!


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