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Enki Pooch Eco Dog Towels – Wiener Tried & Tested!

Enki Pooch Eco Towel - Wiener Tried and Tesded by Ollie & Penny
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  • Penny gives these 8.5/10!
  • Bonnie gives these 7.5/10!

Penny & Bonnie says...

....we hate getting towel dried. We'd much rather have a treat. Hooman says these are quite good though and it didn't take as long to dry us!


Hello there everyone!  We’ve got something a little different for you all today! If you’re a fur-parent who has a mischievous little pup that likes puddles, muck and getting stuck in there on walks, then youll definitely want this as part of your essential kit. It’s a towel.  Yes a towel. But today we’ve been asked to try out a new eco friendly towel to the market – the Enki Pooch luxurious ‘Eco friendly Dog Towel’!

photo-profile-enkipoochBefore we get into the testing let’s find out a bit more about the people and dogs that make up the business behind this new product – Enki Pooch! Enki Pooch is a new pet division of the UK business Enki Towels. They are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of eco-friendly, biodegradable towels and have been producing sustainable eco products for the last few years. Enki Pooch is geared towards human’s best friend – the dog, but it is equally suitable for all pets! 

Enki Pooch Eco Towel - Ollie & Penny ReviewThe towel from Enki Pooch that we are testing today comes in a standard 3 pack and measures 60cm x 100cm. Our first impressions when taking it out of the packet was – ‘wow this is very thin!’  Sorry we can’t lie, in reality our first impression was actually ‘OK – Yes Ollie you can have a sniff but you can’t EAT this! After the sausages had a good sniff and investigated the new arrival – with the evitable dismissal as it wasn’t a) treats or b) toys; I got to take a proper look at it. It is very thin and light – which I can see is great for packing in a bag and taking it with you on walks. It also struck me that there was quite a lot of it – which again is a good thing – we’re all about value for money here! This led us to think that we could quite easily cut  this into smaller towels too, which would be especially handy if you have smaller dogs like us with the wieners! (…we just seen this noted on Ekni Pooch’s website – thumbs up!)

Enki Pooch Eco Towel & Penny - Ollie & Penny

Penny – with her ball and the Enki Pooch Eco Towel

One of the main talking points about this towel is its eco friendliness. They are made from 100% recycled natural plant fibers  and are 100% hygienic, re-useable and recyclable.  They are also fully biodegradable, which is very important when it comes to potential wastage. Another big plus is that they are disposable, which is ideal for one time only usage but they can be washed (…not by machine – see below!) and reused again. You can see that these towels have been carefully designed to have a minimal effect on the environment. They really are eco & pet friendly!

Let the ‘Wiener & Spaniel Testing’ begin! 

So we decided to take the Enki Pooch Eco Towel with us on our next wet & windy walks with Ollie’s Petcare – so we could give it a real testing!

article-standard2-image-750x490-enkipoochtowel8 article-standard2-image-750x490-enkipoochtowel6
article-standard2-image-750x490-enkipoochtowel5 article-standard2-image-750x490-enkipoochtowel4

Penny & her pal Bonnie were the ‘test’ subjects in question. Penny just loves bouncing through puddles and muck without hesitation (as long as there’s a ball in the equation ) – the pawfect guinea pig for this product. Her pal Bonnie also loves marching straight through anything in front of her, but has also got a slightly fluffier coat that attracts the damp – again pawfect for this test! So with our two mucky pups ready to be cleaned after their walk, how did the Enki Pooch Eco Towel handle the pressure?

But the most important question is did it do the job? The answer is yes, and very well.

Jonathan – Ollie & Penny

Very well indeed as it turns out!  Although it’s a ‘thin’ towel compared to your standard towels you’d have in the car, it does the job remarkably well. As mentioned above we should have cut it in half before our walk as that would have made it a bit easier to maneuver around the dogs.

But the most important question is did it do the job? The answer is yes, and very well. It soaked up all the dampness very quickly from both Penny & Bonnie’s fur and it also managed to take off most of the icky dirt and muck. The towel ended up looking very mucky after being used (…see Ollie’s photo above – we had it get him in somehow!) and even though it is re-useable we’d probably recommend it being rinsed after one or two uses. Better the muck on the towel than the dogs! 

In Summary…

Overall, we do like these Eco Towels from Enki Pooch and we give them 8/10!  They do a great job of drying your pooch quickly and efficiently after a walk. We would find these very useful on our daily walks with Ollie’s Petcare and we can see them being a great travel accessory also – pawfect for throwing in the travel bag with the rest of our doggie travel gear!

The only thing that we see as being a point of contention is the expense  verses the eco benefits . If you were to use these to their maximum potential and as they are intended to be used then they may work out as quite an expense over time. At £4.99 for a pack of three, even with halving them for small dogs like Penny, you would get about a week or two of use (rinsing & drying between uses) before they start getting a little icky themselves and have to be replaced. And yes… …they do have to be replaced as we just tried putting them in the washing machine and they completely disintegrated!  It’s the age old question – will you pay extra for an eco friendly responsible product? That is down to you, the individual dog owner.

You can find out a lot more info and try these Eco Towels out for yourself by going to the Enki Pooch website: where as we mentioned above they are priced at £4.99 per packet of 3 with free UK shipping!

Do let us know if your try them out on your walks – we’d love to see your photos!  

*Enki Pooch has provided their Eco Towels for Ollie & Penny to review. All views and opinions expressed are our own and we have received no financial contributions for this review.
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