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IVDD Diaries: Wk 5 – We’re about half way through!

IVDD Diaries - Ollie & Penny
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Hello there everyone!  So after last weeks mishap with hoomans #2 Thomas dropping the ball, we feel we need to make it up to you by catching you up on everything that’s been going on in the world of Ollie and his IVDD recuperation.

In short – it’s going slowly for Ollie at the moment.  But this week was full of ups and downs again – dealing with unhelpful insurance companies &over charging vets (…we’ll say no more!), angry Ollie, mankinis and mohawks!

We are now roughly half way through the recovery period for Ollie as estimated by the vet – 12 weeks (…we are a week behind with our diaries to allow us to look back and write them up!). Now we know this is a long long game and 12 weeks is only the beginning, but we’re getting the impression, right or wrongly, that after that period the professionals won’t be taking any interest or believe that a full recovery is possible. Are we right or wrong sausage friends?

Also we never thought about how long we would be writing these diaries either. As half way seems to be a theme today we’re thinking 10 articles or 12 – we’ll see when we get there and how Ollie is doing. We have to say again, whether anyone or no-one reads these, we find it very therapeutic to throw out everything that has been happening with Ollie each week to the world. Maybe I should find a real therapist? 

Wellybix - Dachshund shapped dog biscuits!So the week got off to a great start as Ollie & Penny got some lovely surprise treats in the post from our pals over at Wellybix! Thanks guys! To top the surprise off they were little wiener shaped chocolate   (…doggy friendly!) biscuits!! How cute!! We loved them  and they definitely cheered us up on a dull Monday morning!

It was short lived though, as the theme for this week was very clearly laid out in front of us quite quickly: Ollie would not pee for us. 

This has gotten so bad now at the end of the week that expressing him has gone out the window completely. It is virtually impossible. He now goes when he wants to but we still do try and direct him to the puppy pads or back garden.

It’s strange as it looks like he’s really got control back, which is positive, but at the same time he’s piddling in his bed and not making it to piddle pads in time. Possibly some control back. This continued throughout Monday and the rest of the week. It was quite tiresome to be completely honest. 

With the downs there are also highs too  – Tuesday was one of these. Ollie was on top form and wasn’t holding back in showing us, that’s if he wants to and puts his mind to it! He managed to go on every piddle pad (..not the carpet!), went to the back door to go out and pee, tried to get down of the couch to pee, and even tried to stand up on his back legs to get up on the couch at one point.  Naughty sausage; but you do have to take the positive out of the negative. His hair has also started to grow back very quickly all of a sudden. We’ve been worried about this as last time his hair grew back different to the rest – it grew back very fluffy.  It’s under his neck, you might not see it in photos. Right now his hair on his back is growing back the fastest along his scar line – so he’s getting a miniature Mohawk! Pet Head we need styling cream please??

IVDD Diaries - A lazy Ollie - Ollie & Penny

IVDD Diaries – A lazy Ollie – Ollie & Penny

Ollie also had his second hydrotherapy session with Gareth at Sharpwells on Friday.   It went very well and he was a lot more relaxed this time, as he knew what was going on. These exercises are so important for him to help regenerate his nerve endings in his back and legs. Gareth didn’t notice any improvement from last week to this,  but we are hopeful, as it still is very early days. We just have to keep pushing on with him, which is easy for this, as he seems to love it! We’re still doing his physiotherapy at home with him too – which is getting not so easy to do. All Ollie wants to do is get away from us and go back to sleep. We’ve started to do his exercises in the bath now too!

To help with Ollie getting around, now that he seems to have a bit more bladder control, we ordered him the latest style accessory for dachshunds.  It’s high fashion **ahum** for this little sausage guy, always on the cutting edge. Anyone seen Borat? Well we’ll be seeing ‘Ollie-rat’ shortly, as Ollie will be getting his own mankini – in lime green!! (….it has arrived – do check our socials for photos that will make you giggle!) I’m sure if my mother read this she would think ‘what the hell are we doing now?!’ Im sure she thinks we are a bit mad. Anywho.  The mankini is a must have to help support our little guys rump as he wanders around the garden trying to pee. It supports his legs and spine while easily allowing him do his business while not breaking our back to boot! The only thing I’ll say though is ‘lime green’? Im sure the neighbours think were weird. 

I’ll finish up now as I do feel I’ve rambled on a bit. If you made it this far we’ve got a little secret to spill.  The sausages did get a very special delivery this week – sssshhh. We can’t really tell you too much about it as it would ruin the surprise, but we are really excited about it and we have been working away behind the scenes on this for about the last 6 months. It is something we’ve always aspired for and now we can’t believe it’s happening. Are you excited? We will be looking for some very lucky pups to help us with a big reveal very soon – so do keep watching the website for more info on this and how to get involved! 

That’s all for now! We’ll have more updates next week for you and again thanks for reading! 



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