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IVDD Diaries: Wk 6 – …it’s all about the Bladder!

Ollie & Penny IVDD Diaries Week 6
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Hello there again!  We hope you all had a lovely week! We’ve been kept busy all week with Ollie – and of course Penny, plus our daily walks with the lovely doggies at Ollie’s Petcare! To be honest we’re looking forward to the weekend on the horizon! 

There’s not much news this week as it continued along the same lines as last week’s update. It’s basically been another very slow week in terms of improvements with Ollie.  We’re still continuing his physio & exercises and trying to get Ollie to use his back legs more and more. It’s quite difficult. This was the first week in a while that we’ve felt a little disheartened at his progress and prospect of a full recovery.  I know. It started off with lots of frustration with our little wiener and his new peeing habits continued, but it ended with positive news during his third hydrotherapy session!

So the week started with Ollie continuing to take control of his bladder – just in time for his Borat style mankini that arrived on the Monday.  Here are some of the more flattering photos from our twitter feed:

Ollie & Penny - IVDD Diaries Ollie & Penny - IVDD Diaries Ollie & Penny - IVDD Diaries

He seems to be in complete control of his bladder now. We’ve had no accidents in over a week.  He’s holding it well through the night and during the day while we’re out. He’s deciding when he wants to pee, but he still can’t get to where he needs to be to go alone. We’ve started to take him to the back garden at his usual piddle times to get him back into a routine. It seems to be working. #2’s are still dropping completely randomly though – thanks Ollie!  We’ll have to try work on that! If this continues were hoping to get him back into his own usual bed with Penny soon! He’s currently sleeping on his own in a separate smaller bed that is easier cleaned if he has any accidents during the night.

Ollie also had his third hydrotherapy session with Gareth in Sharpwells this week.  At the end of a very tiring week it was nice to get good news from Gareth as Ollie started to paddle with his back legs straight away on getting into the pool! Fantastic! Great improvement on the week before!  Now just to play devils advocate, this doesn’t mean he’s going to start walking anytime soon, but what it does mean is that we’re heading on the right track and seeing some improvement in his legs and therefore his nerve endings!! We’ll leave you with the video above of Ollie paddling away! =)

You find more of our Vimeo videos here!

That’s it!

We’d like to thank everyone again for reading our posts on this over the last 6 weeks. It’s been a great output for us and our feelings – whether people have read it or not. We have loved getting to read all your comments and support on social media and reading about many new ideas in relation to IVDD.  As we mentioned last week, a time has to come when we stop doing these weekly updates and I think we’ve hit that point today. This will be our last weekly update on Ollie for now. We just feel things are starting to level out with him, and there isn’t much to update everybody on each week at the moment. We are going to keep Ollie’s IVDD dairies going though with an update at least every month or every now and then to let you know how he’s getting on. You can also follow Ollie’s daily updates on twitter or facebook.

Thanks everyone! #WoofsAndLicks

Jonathan, Thomas, Ollie & Penny

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