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Ollie (…and the rest of us too!) Update!

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Well hello there doggies & humans!  First off we hope you all had a lovely long and sunny bank holiday weekend last week! We did! It’s nice to have the sun back again! It also has a bad side too – as in this article was meant to be written last week  (…really a few weeks ago! Ssssh!) – but we just couldn’t sit in front of the screen for any amount of time – the sunny weather is just too appealing, for both us and the sausages. Isn’t it a sin to sit indoors when it’s sunny out in Ireland? No?

Anywho we got to sit down and eventually we started typing. We know some of you have been asking about how Ollie is getting on (…thanks so much – it’s great feeling the love and support!), so this little update is well overdue. We have however also been kept busy with other very exciting stuff too – that is taking up a lot of our time – more on that as well.

So our last update on how Ollie has been doing post IVDD operation was roughly about 10 weeks agoweek 6, 24th February. Roughly. He is now 17 weeks post op and has been continuing his hydrotherapy with Gareth at Sharpwells, with varying weekly success.

It’s funny how you think you’ll never cope but somehow you adapt without knowing you have.

Jonathan, Ollie & Penny

Before we go on, let me just say we are VERY happy with Ollie’s progress. We’re so proud of how he is handling all of this. Way better than we have been. Ollie is such a positive little guy, and not having fully functioning back legs in his daily life does not affect him in the slightest.

Yup – he’s not got his back legs working yet.  But let’s just put that fact aside for now, as he may never fully get his back legs back to the way they were – we know that. It’s funny how you think you’ll never cope but somehow you adapt without knowing you have. We’re all doing well. We are however 100% positive that he will – at some point, with our help and his persistence walk again.

So you may be wondering how can we say this? Well first off you have to be positive, there’s no point otherwise. Second we have seen Ollie improve vastly over the last 17 weeks. Yes it may be slowly, but that’s Ollie – always in his own time. Every dog is different. But the improvement is there.

Ollie can now go to the bathroom completely by him self, unaided; which as we know has not always been the case. Though we still have the odd ‘Hiroshima. We have stopped using the sling ( …the lime green borat mankini) so much and let Ollie support himself while going to the bathroom or exploring.

This has proved fantastic and over the last few weeks he started showing positive signs that started with thrusting himself up on his back legs while shuffling across the room. This was then aided by the recent good weather and being able to get out to the garden. The grass seems to give him that extra comfort zone or support to push himself up on his back legs and eventually, within the last week or so he started walking short distances. Ok he’s wobbly – like a little drunk sausage dog.  But he’s trying and succeeding to use his back legs and he’s doing this daily. So the signs ARE positive. 

Here’s a little video; ps ignore the garden, we keep the grass long specifically for Ollie!

We have stopped doing his physiotherapy. Not by our choice. Ollie is much more in control of his body now and if he doesn’t want to do something; like leg exercises, then he just rolls over or turns his bum away from us. Dachshunds.  Just so we’re clear – we do feel Ollie gets all the exercise he needs instead of his physio. Trying to stand and running around the garden takes a lot out of him and is the perfect physio in our eyes.

We mentioned he is continuing his hydrotherapy on a weekly basis as well. He done fantastic in his last visit and was paddling away with his back legs very strongly and almost in sync with his front legs. His muscles have also grown stronger which all helps. To add to this, just over the last view days he has started standing up in the grass for about 30sec to a minute at a time just looking around and taking in the sun! Typically Ollie.  We fully expect him to just stand up and surprise us all by walking across the room unexpectedly some morning. Look at us with a face saying ‘What hoomans, I’m walking, so?’ 

We have to apologise for the lack of postings from us on the blog recently.  So sorry. We’ve been kept very busy with a new ‘project’ that we still don’t want to say too much about yet – until it’s ready. We have however dropped some hints over the last few weeks – if you’ve been able to spot them then you’ll know what we’re up to! All our time is going into this at the moment and we’re very excited for you all to see it and get involved. Our ‘LITTLE’ guy has a ‘BIG’ day coming up soon, so we hope to be able to drop some details about this then! In the meantime we’ll try to post more on the blog and give you your sausage dog fix!

Before we go we also want to say a big official welcome to Dublin Doggos and Paws at the Port who joined us over the last month as regular bloggers!  We love having them on board and hope they love being here too! Please show them loads of support and we can’t wait to read all their forthcoming articles!! #Woofs

Oh…..if you applied to be one of our featured bloggers and haven’t heard back from us – don’t worry. We’ve been so busy we haven’t managed to reply to everyone yet and there are still are few more spots left and we have our beady eye on a few handsome doggies to fill these spots! We’ll be in touch soon!


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