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Nope – Not for Doggos!

Not for Doggos - Dublin Doggos - Ollie & Penny - Blog - Ireland

Trust me when I say I know the power of a doggo giving you the full puppy-dog eyes treatment whilst begging for a morsel of your grub.  But tough as it is, hold off on sharing your hooman food with your four-legged friend because being a good doggo parent is knowing when to say “No.”

We all know chocolate is ‘Dog Poison’ but did you know there are many other common foods that are just as bad? Even if your doggo has eaten some of these foods in the past with no issues, it’s just not worth the risk (or the vets bill ).

Here are a few foods you should never feed to your doggos, no matter how pathetic they look!

1. Chocolate 

Chocolate contains a stimulant called theobromine that’s poisonous to dogs. The amount of theobromine depends on the type of chocolate and used to be mainly in dark chocolate but now it is regulary an added ingredient in milk and white chocolate. It is very important that you get your doggo to the vet within 4-8 hours of ingestion so they can be treated. with a shot and a trip to the vomitarium (You can read about Monty’s ordeal below)

2. Coffee/Tea/Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the most dangerous foods for dogs. Like chocolate, early treatment is key so don’t wait for symptoms to show up if your doggo gets their paws on some and get them to the vet right away.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is much more toxic to dogs than to hoomans. When consumed, even small quantities of alcohol may cause vomiting, diarrhoea, difficulty breathing, tremors, coma and even death. If you really want to toast your new promotion/lotto winnings/good hair day with your doggo remember to pick up some special’dog-beer’ available in select pet shops!

Not for Doggos - Dublin Doggos - Ollie & Penny - Blog - Ireland

4. Grapes/Raisins

Grapes are among the people foods most toxic to dogs. Of all the dangerous foods for dogs, they are among the worst, which surprises many people, especially as doggos love their sweet taste. In dogs, grapes can lead to kidney failure and even death. Raisins and grape juice can be even more dangerous because they’re in a more concentrated form.

5. Macadamia Nuts

Doggos love nut butters…and they mostly make a very healthy treat so long as there are no nasty added ingredients. This may lead you to believe that all nuts are safe for your pup but Macadamia nuts can make dogs seriously ill. Thankfully though, if your pup accidentally eats a macadamia nut, a full recovery is expected but always check with your vet.

6. Onions and Garlic

Onions, garlic and leeks belong to the Allium plant family and are toxic to dogs & cats raw or cooked. Allium plants damage dogs’ red blood cells, decreasing oxygen flow and may cause organ damage.

7. Avocado

Ok so most doggos aren’t going to come begging for avocado but the skin, leaves and stones contain persin, an oil-soluble toxin that can be dangerous for pets. Dogs sensitive to persin may experience “respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart, and even death.” Avocado flesh is safe and you may see it listed occasionally as an ingredient in dog foods, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid sharing your avo-toast with your pal..

8. Mouldy foods

Mouldy foods contain lots of toxins that could make your dog very ill. So be careful how you dispose of that mouldy bread at the end of the week! Make sure you dispose of leftovers carefully and be careful to keep your bin well out of your doggo’s reach. We had to get one with a special lid as Monty was well able to work the swing-lid bin!!

9. Xylitol

Xylitol is the artificial sweetener found in many foods including some sugar-free gums and diet foods. Dogs are extremely sensitive and even very small quantities can cause toxicity. If you think your dog has eaten any xylitol seek urgent veterinary advice.

10. Fatty and/or Salty foods

Foods such a sausages and bacon are really not good for doggos so avoid the temptation to cook them a Sunday fry-up! Fat can cause pancreatitis in dogs and some doggos are more susceptible to this than others (like our poor Lola girl). Also beware that while unsalted/unbuttered popcorn is fine for them (just watch out for teeth-cracking kernals) sharing a pack of shop bought popcorn is a bad idea due to the high levels of salt in them. Doggos are not able to process high levels of salt and fat like hoomans are.


A Cautionary Tale by Monty

One day last September, while doing my daily sniff round the kitchen when the hoomans had gone out, I discovered a box in a bag up on the sideboard.  The tempting smells coming from the (previously unopened) box were just too much for me to take so I took matters into my own paws and took the whole thing into my bed for some investigation. What I found inside the box was so tasty that I devoured it all.  I ate lump after lump of deliciousness…sometimes even swallowing the crinkly paper the lumps were wrapped in! It was great!! However, about an hour later, just as I was starting to feel ruff, the hoomans came home. I sat on the shredded box and remaining crinkly papers to hide my crimes but the game was up. My hoomans are usually pretty chill even when I’ve been a bit bold but this time they freaked out!

Not for Doggos - Dublin Doggos - Ollie & Penny - Blog - Ireland

Apparently I had devoured a large box of Lindor chocolates and they did not appear to be happy about it.  After a panicky phonecall I was brought on a walk which would have been great if it hadn’t ended round at the vets! Here I was given an injection and taken out to a back room that had a thick layer of paper on the floor. I soon found out why…..everything came back up in a hot, gooey, sticky mess that completely covered the floor!! After about 30 minutes I felt a lot better but was groggy for a couple of hours. All in all I believe I had a lucky escape and despite my yucky trip to the vet I can’t promise I wouldn’t succumb to the temptation again so my hoomans now lock all banned substances away! They give out that it was the most expensive box of chocolates ever but I know they are just relieved I was ok!!


Until next month…


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