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Hello from Bentley the Frenchie!

Bentley the Frenchie - Ollie & Penny Blof - Ireland

Hi all doggie pals and hoomans, Bentley and I (Tugce) are super excited to meet you! We will be blogging here once a month  from now onwards. We live in Dublin and enjoy going for long nature walks all around the country.

Bentley the Frenchie - Ollie & Penny Blof - IrelandBentley came to live with us when he was 8 weeks old. He is our first ever pup and already spoilt rotten! He was tiny (3kgs) and chubby at the same time, had ears bigger than his face  It took him a while to find his voice and bark!

At the beginning it was a nightmare to get him to go for a walk on a lead. I guess this is common with all new puppies. Now when we look back, we smile at those memories but the first couple of nights were arduous. He would literally only walk 2 metres and plant himself on the ground!

Bentley the Frenchie - Ollie & Penny Blof - IrelandNow, he is nearly 9 months old and full of energy. He walks a couple of hours every week-day and even more on weekends. Not only is he like a Duracell bunny, size-wise he is also bigger than average Frenchies – hitting 13 kgs. When we were researchıng French bulldogs, one of the characteristics we heard over and over was “laziness”. Well, let me tell you, not this guy!!

We’re so lucky that Bentley can come to work with me. Often at times, he spends half of the week at the office. He is a regular traveler on Dublin Dart . While Dublin bus refuses to transport dogs, Dart has been our savior. The other half of the week, he visits his best pal next door : Rex the Boxer. He spends hours playing and comes home wrecked barely acknowledging our existence.

Bentley the Frenchie - Ollie & Penny Blof - IrelandWhen we were thinking about what to talk about for this month’s first post, likes & dislikes seemed like a good idea!

What does Bentley like?

Morning walks with his mummy take the lead! I have to admit Bentley is super attached to me. Even when my husband and I walk him together, if I disappear for a second, he will stop dead and not move. İ guess that’s my fault, I do spoil him too much. That being said, Bentley loves cuddles in bed with Daddy which is our special weekend treat … if only he was not a loud snorer, all could be better!…

He also loves going to work. He can lead you to the Dart station eyes closed and then find his way to our desk. Smart boy, right?

Of course, his bromance with Rex should also be mentioned at the top of the list. Bentley is still not sure what to make of Rex’s new kitten siblings (although cat food does seem to be his guilty pleasure), slow adjustment I reckon!

He loves his walks and his new favorite part of it is “tumbles”. He would run and run and then throw himself on grass and tumble around until he gets a belly rub. Oh, of course, he loves belly rubs! Last but not least, a piece of antler has been his favorite toy forever, keeping him busy for hours

Bentley the Frenchie - Ollie & Penny Blof - Ireland

What is Bentley not fond of?

#1 on the list is cold and rain. Every time he leaves the door when it’s raining, he will do everything he can to get back in, making himself as small as possible glued to the door, giving me puppy eyes. He can be pretty convincing at times!

He also can not stand hot weather unfortunately. As French bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, with their short snout noses, they can find it difficult to breathe when they are hot. As you can imagine, Ireland does not get too hot often, rarely hitting high 20s. Even the warm & sunny weekend we had a few weeks ago was a little hard on him. During warm days, we stick to early morning or late evening walks to make sure he does not heat up too much.

While some dogs wake their hoomans up super early, Bentley is not an early riser. He goes to bed around 11pm and we need to force him to get up at 7am for a walk before work. At weekends, he will sleep until 10 sometimes! Lazy dog! And lucky for us, since he is a tiny puppy, no toilet breaks at night 

Even though we make sure he sleeps in his own bed at night, he often chooses to show his discontentment at nights, whining in front of our door before he goes to sleep.

This will probably sound weird to most of you, but Bentley can not stand if someone walks on his right. He has to be at all times the only one walking on the right. Often, on the pavement walks, he would try to manoeuvre random people if they are on his right.

Looking forward to our next post very soon, don’t hesitate to let us know if you would like us to talk about something specific in the future.


Instagram You can follow Bentley over on his instagram for loads of very cute daily photos! – Jonathan

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