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Frenchie at Work!

Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | Ireland

Hello pals, it has been a month since we were last here. It has been a busy month for us and the great Irish summer delayed our post by couple of days! 

This month’s topic is “Frenchie at work and what a great coincidence that upcoming Friday June 23rd is Bring Your Dog to Work Day! While this day is celebrated since 1999 in the States, it has started to gain popularity in Ireland ( …and also the UK! – Jonathan) for the last couple of years. It is an exciting new campaign by Dogs Trust to make Ireland more dog-friendly, don’t forget to check out their site and claim your welcome pack here.

Bentley is one of the lucky dogs that is allowed on work premises on a regular basis. While there are more and more companies, especially international tech ones, that are allowing dogs at work, unfortunately Ireland is still not super pet friendly overall. We are hoping that over the coming years, things will change for the better.


Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | Ireland

Our company policy states that at work, our furry friends add to a playful, dynamic atmosphere, and more importantly, humans enjoy having them around.


That being said, first and foremost, one has to check with their manager, team members and neighbours before bringing a pet to work. Anybody might have severe allergies, serious concerns, or serious fears. If that’s the case, people take precedence over pets.


Once we checked it out with our team members and neighbours, Bentley started coming to work short of 5 months old. The photo below is from his first day at work, he was really calm and cute! 


Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | Ireland


We don’t live that close to work, so we have to walk 20 min to the Dart and take a short ride twice a day. Before our commute to work, Bentley gets a 30 min walk to burn his energy. We find this super essential part of our day, as he is then calmer at work.


Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | IrelandAs Dublin bus is completely pet unfriendly (while there is no official forbidden dog policy, drivers discretion is often a big “NO” in Dublin ), rain or shine, we have to walk to our DART stop every morning/evening. Luckily, Bentley is not bothered at all by our commute and after our walk, he simply sits on the DART floor silently until our stop- sometimes looking miserable after a walk under the rain! 

Most of the day, he is pretty happy to sit by my desk, chewing a carrot or his antler bones. He is a social butterfly at work, loving everyone and asking for belly rubs.


Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | IrelandEvery morning when he comes to the office, he does a tour of the floor, saying hi to everyone around. Surely, he has his favorite friends! While he is really calm at work, once I leave my desk, he still suffers from a little separation anxiety even surrounded by many others.

This is something we are working on to get rid off! We see other dogs at work who sit without a bother when their hooman is off to the loo!! Does anybody here bring their furry friends to work? Any tips for us?


Our day at work can often be busy. While he gets regular potty & fetch breaks outside, sometimes playing with other furry friends at work, he may need to attend several meetings too.


While some of these meetings are interesting :


Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | Ireland


Some can be a little boring


Frenchie at Work! - Bentley the Frenchie - Blog - Ollie & Penny | Ireland


Last but not least, going to work not only helps Bentley with his socializing, it also helps the people around. He is a great Monday morning energy booster at the office. Petting a dog is scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure and anxiety. While his farts  sometimes make everyone around squirm , his presence helps to elevate the production of happy hormones! 

We really would like to see a more dog friendly Ireland, from cafes and restaurants to public transport and shops. Maybe one day soon….



Instagram You can follow Bentley over on his instagram for loads of very cute daily photos! – Jonathan


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    We’re very lucky too to be doing what we are – dog walking with Ollie’s Petcare! Means we can take Ollie & Penny with us daily on walks!! Over the years Ollie has decided he doesnt like socialising too much with other hoomans =D – so Penny just joins us now! We wouldnt be without her now on our daily schedule! =) Though as you mentioned the ‘seperation anxiety’ is a problem for ger when she is away from me. It’s a tough problem to crack! – Jon

    • 2

      Penny is so lucky – maybe she should ask for a name change for the business, now that Ollie refuses to come along with you 😀 I know, we are working on separation anxiety, getting better everyday :)

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