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Say hello to the Ollie & Penny Shop!

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Hello!  We’re so excited this week here in the Ollie & Penny household – our new Spoilt Sausage Dog Shop went live on Monday and we’re just so happy that everyone can finally see what we’ve been secretly working on for almost a year!

We thought we’d take a moment to tell you all why we launched our own shop for Ollie & Penny, some of the reasons behind our decision making and of course a look at our bow ties and bandanas, how they’re made, who makes them and also news of some offers & giveaways over the coming weeks!

Why our own range of bow ties & bandanas?

We said we’ve been working on this for almost a year – well we have, probably longer!  As with most fur-parents we’ve dressed Ollie & Penny up on ocassion! We’ve learned through the years they aren’t too fond of most things we’ve ‘persuaded’ them to wear. The only things they left us with is bow ties & bandanas. Harnesses don’t really count, do they? So we’ve bought and tried a lot of bow ties for Ollie and this is where our idea of having our own range started to form. We just weren’t too impressed with the funtionality of what we’ve tried. Those elastics – we all know them! From hard to attach, to not sitting right and falling down, just not great at all!

Being a ‘creative’ person – i’ve been told this a lot, I decided, ‘yes’, i can do this better. A sewing maching was purchased and designs & testing begun. This is were watching my mother sew growing up really paid off. Eventually we came up with our button-on bow ties & bandanas! We’re really proud of them as they are quite easy to attach to your dogs collar, even without taking it off and because we designed the fabric wrap the way we did the the bow ties also stay very upright and flat to the collar – looking pawfect and ready for that photo! 

Who makes your products?

This is a simple answer – we do! Yes we’re very crafty – we research our fabric and handmake all the bow ties, bandanas and fabric bones (…collars & leashes too – even tho they aren’t online yet!) right here in Ireland ourselves. We also make all our own packaging too and ship everything out from our office after Ollie & Penny give them the once over to make sure they pass their sausage dog standards and are up to scratch!

Limited Availability – really?

Yes! Once we run out of fabric we aren’t making anymore. So yes our products are limited, exclusive & very special. If you like a design and are thinking of getting one, then we’d jump on it when it goes online, as we don’t make many of each style and when it’s gone it’s gone.  The more popular a style becomes the more chance of us keeping it going – as long as we can source the fabric!

We also have some exclusive member only products in each of our collections. In our Launch Collection it is the lovely Blossom. These deisgns will be extremely limited and only available as a reward to our loyal customers through our Paw Points rewards.

The New Shop Website

The shop website itself is part of our main blog site, a decision we thought came quite naturally really.  A few people have suggested we should have it as part of our Ollie’s Pet Boutique website or a separate website altogether. We had to disagree strongly with them on this! These are Ollie & Penny’s designs and they had to stay here on their own website.

Another suggestion was using thrid party stores for example Etsy. We give this a lot of thought, as an Etsy store would be an easy solution and provide a lot of traffic that would see our new deisgns. But at the end of the day (…and i hate that phrase!) we like to be in control of every aspect of our store design, so we couldn’t give that up easily. Yes – eventually we might change our mind  on this and we’re sure some of the designs will appear on our store website – Ollie’s Pet Boutique –  on time. We’d even love in the future to supply some of our favourite dog shops with our unique designs. 

The ship itself has loads of different areas to explore, I’m sure you can discover everything in your own time. We have the standard departments for our products and our collections but then we have other sections such as ‘Refer-A-Furiend‘, your ‘Want List‘ and Paw Points! We are loving our Paw Points; we touched on it slighly above, but it allows us to give back to our loyal furpals & customers with exclusive designs & products. Do register for for an account as you can earn a lot of points throughout the site – including 500 points for registering and placing your first order!

Giveaways, Coupons & Discounts – Spin to Win!!

Lets get to some good stuff and this coming weekend!  Who whats a discount code? Who wants a giveaway? Well we have both for you this coming bank holiday weekend! We have giveaways running on our social networks from today visit our Instagram, Twitter & Facebook for our pinned posted to share with a chance of winning a Bow Tie & Bandana of your choosing!

We also have a ‘Spin the Wheel’ promotion running on our shop website over the weekend! Just visit any shop page to a activate the pop-up with our promotion! You can spin the wheel once every 24 hours and can be in with the chance of winning a discounts, coupons, free shipping or a free bow tie!! Just be careful you don’t land on our sad face – as you’ll be leaving with nothing!  Do note this is not available for mobile devices – the wheel needs more space!

That’s all we’ve got fo you now, we’ll have more shop updates soon, we really do hope you love our products & designs! We have loads of more ideas to come – with our fabric toy bones arriving in coming weeks followed by our collars and leashes – so do stay tunned!!

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