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Hair Today!

Hair Today - Dublin Doggos - Ollie & Penny Blog

Hi guys, Ruth the hooman checking in with you this month as Monty & Lola are too busy enjoying a new ball game involving treats, tennis balls and a large egg tray!! So while those two are distracted I thought we could have a chat about dog hair. Now, I know that having doggos means living in a hairy house and I know it’s not their fault but it just gets everywhere!! And sometimes it seems like there is more hair on me and the couch than there is on the two doggos! We can hoover and dust the house only to see a new tumbleweed of hair go rolling across the floor. We can put on fresh-from-the-dyer clothes and go out to dinner only to find long white dog hairs floating from our clothes and into our food. Monty is the worst offender because it doesn’t matter if you wear dark or light clothes…either way he can cover you in very obvious dog hair!

So what do I use in my quest to avoid looking like I’ve been sleeping in the dog bed? A combination of lint rollers, sellotape and rubber gloves. I also choose my fabrics carefully. If we are spending the day out & about with the doggos and our friends I avoid tights (too static), woolly clothes and anything too textured (velvet is a big no) and go for smoother, non-static items. I have lint rollers in half the drawers in the house, the glovebox in the car and one in work too. And you could still walk up to me at any time and casually pull a dog hair (or three) off me!

Essential Dog Hair Removing Equipment

Essential Dog Hair Removing Equipment

Rubber gloves (the ones you use for washing up) are great for getting hair off clothes, carpets and fabric covered furniture. Due to the natural charge dog and cat hair has, a dry rubber glove will gather the hair into hairballs which are easy to pick up & discard. This is especially handy for the couch and the stairs carpet. Rubber brooms are a staple in our house too for their strong hair-gathering ability. They are effective on several surfaces, from the kitchen tiles to the living room carpet. And if you are a gadget-lover you might want to invest in a Roomba robot hoover as these little guys are the business for keeping on top of the hoovering when you are in a daily battle with dog or cat hair. You can program it to hoover while you are at work, grocery shopping or out walking the doggos so there won’t even be any moaning about who’s doing the hoovering!!

We also try to regularly brush the doggos….but this seems to make no difference with Monty!! We leave big bundles of dog hair out in the garden as the birds seem to love it for their nests….it’s good to know someone is happy with all that hair!

Dog Hair - Dublin Doggos - Ollie & PEnny Blog - Ireland

“I don’t know HOW the dog hairs get in the bed?!”

Of course, if you’re anything like me, at a certain point you just roll over and accept the dog hair that creeps onto every surface in your home. As long as the dog is around, the hair will be too! We live by the motto “No outfit is complete without dog hair”! 😜


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  1. 1

    At least we really dont have to worry about dog hair Ruth! Ollie & Penny’s hair is quite short and we only ever have to give them a quick brush! Though in saying that….this summer was the first time Penny really shed! It wasnt fun!

    Is this what its like for everyone else?

    • 2

      You guys are lucky so! :) The season makes no difference with Monty….he leaves literal clouds of hair behind when he moves suddenly!!

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