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National Microchipping Week 2017

National Microchipping Week - 2017 - Ireland - Ollie & Penny Blog

It’s National Microchipping Week this week – running from August 14th to 20th, and Dogs Trust has teamed up with Fido & Maxizoo to bring you exciting offers and of course microchipping events & clinics!!

As every fur-parent should be aware, new microchipping & certificate laws came into effect in Ireland from March last year, 2016. Though according to (the government approved microchipping database here in Ireland) only 40% of all dogs are estimated to be compliant! That is a shocklingly low statistic!

The importance of getting your dog microchipped should be blatantly obvious to everyone. If your dog goes missing and is found, a vet can scan the microchip and reunite you with your friend very quickly!

Jonathan, Ollie & Penny

From March last year all dogs have to be microchipped and have a certificate of compliance. We talked about this process way back then here – both Ollie & Penny are microchipped and have their certs!

The most important thing that we feel needs noted is having your pet microchipped is great, but unless you keep your personal information up to date with the microchip is rendered useless! Update your address and contact details regularly, particularly if you move house and especially check with when you get a new puppy that their details are changed over to you and not still listed as the breeder.

Over the coming weeks Dogs Trust in partnership with & Maxizoo are hosting a number of FREE microchipping clinics around the country in the following Maxizoo stores:

  • Leopardstown – August 14th
  • Maynooth. – August 15th
  • Tallaght – August 17th
  • Finglas – August 18th

Do pop along ang find out more about microchipping your dog and maybe just go ahead and arrange to get it done as it’s very important!

If you can’t attend a clinic don’t worry – do get in touch with Dogs Trust directly on and they will direct you to any vets in your area that are taking part in National Microchipping Week!

Dogs Trust also want to make sure that everpawdy gets on board this year and are fully compliant; so they are also offereing FREE certs to anyone who hasn’t already got one or to anyone that needs to update their details. Just go to the website here and enter your chip number and details. 

Check out the Dogs Trust page for all the information in relation to National Microchipping Week 2017 – get all the up to date info on dates & events here, plus all into info about microchipping your pet and getting envolved this week! We can’t recommended microchpping your pet enough!!

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