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Review: ByBenji Dry Cured Biltong Dog Treats!

Review ByBenji Biltong Dog Treats - Ollie & Penny Blog Ireland
ByBenji Biltong Dog Treats
  • Ollie gives these 9/10
  • Penny gives these 9/10

Ollie & Penny says...

Mmmmmm....we have to say we found these ByBenji treats very very tasty! More please!!


We love discovering new dog & pet related brands, don’t you? Well today we’re hopefully going to introduce you to a marvelous new natural treat brand that you may not have heard of yet – ByBenji.  Ollie & Penny have had the pleasure of testing their treats out over the last few weeks and they gave them a rather unanimous reaction: bulging eyes and barks for more! A definite paws up! 

ByBenji Dry Cured Dog Treats - Review by Ollie & Penny - IrelandIf you haven’t heard of ByBenji before then let us give you a bit of background info…

ByBenji are a UK based business that is producing naturally cured premium biltong dog treats from human grade silverside beef! They are the first business in the UK to have been approved by DEFRA in manufacturing biltong for pets!

As such, their treats are 100% natural and contain very few other ingredients resulting in a high protein, sugar free, low in salt & fat treat with no artificial preservatives, colourings or additives. Altogether, that is very impressive! But don’t take my word for it, let’s see how Ollie & Penny got on!

Roz from ByBenji contacted us via twitter a few weeks ago to ask would Ollie & Penny like to try out a few samples of their treats. Well, who are they to say no!  You’ll all know by now that testing treats is one of their favourite jobs and they really do think of themselves as quiet the connoisseurs! So a big thanks goes out to Roz & ByBenji for the treats – thank you! 

So we have a pack of ByBenji’s Biltong Sausages, Super Sticks and a very handy snack pack of training treats! They all have very modern, stylish, silver re-sealable packaging with ByBenji’s signature logo on them. It really does catch the eye. The packaging is also there to perform an important function too; it seals in all the treaty goodness to keep them tasting fresh and lasting longer.

Before we go any further, lets answer the “What is Biltong?” question for those readers wondering what we’re talking about! We have to admit we weren’t 100% positive ourselves so we popped onto ByBenji’s website for the answer:

“Biltong is a variety of dried, cured meat that originated in Southern Africa. It is typically made from raw fillets of meat cut into strips following the grain of the muscle, or flat pieces sliced across the grain. It is similar to beef jerky in that they are both spiced, dried meats but the main difference being that biltong is dried and subsequently sliced whereas jerky is sliced prior to drying.”

Can we just issue a quick warning before we go any further; once you open a packet of these ByBenji treats your dogs will not leave you alone until they’ve finished the pack, or at least think they’ve finished them! 

We started with the ‘Super Sticks’! On opening both Ollie & Penny and I noticed the intense smell, which was just so powerful, delicious and meaty! I can only imagine what a nose full the sausages got! Super Sticks are just what you imagine – strips of silverside beef dry cured. I’m not a fan of ‘jerky’ type products either for me or the wieners, but these look completely different to jerky with the only similarity being that they belong to the same family of products.

ByBenji Dry Cured Dog Treats - Review by Ollie & PrnnyWith two drooling dogs at my feet we had to give them their first taste! The strips are a little big to give a complete one to Ollie or Penny so we had to cut them into more manageable pieces. We found we did need a knife to cut them as they were a little tough to tear apart by hand. For any other bigger breeds or dogs that love a chew, the strips would be just the perfect treat. Both sausages munched their first taste down. Ollie devoured his on the spot while Penny, as usual, took her prized possession to the safer surroundings of the sitting room for consumption away from the prying eyes of Ollie! Needless to say both were very pleased with their new treats! 

Ollie & Penny tried their first piece and again I was met with bulging eyes and the ‘please hoomans, more!’ face.

Jonathan, Ollie & Penny

We chopped some more of the sticks up and saved them for later while we moved on to the main feature – the biltong sausage!

Again the smell was yummy and they looked just like what we imagined a dry cured sausage would look like. These are a bit thicker than the sticks and a bit less dense in feel. They snapped into manageable pieces very easily – without disintegrating in our hands (yes – we’ve had that happened before with other treats!) and still keeping that chewy texture lie the Super sticks – as Ollie demonstrates below:

ByBenji Dry Cured Dog Treats - Review by Ollie & Penny

Ollie & Penny tried their first piece and again I was met with bulging eyes and the ‘please hoomans, more!’ face. I think that’s a pawsitive taste test. They loved them and wanted more! 

Just the Snack Pack left to try and by this stage both sausages knew what was coming, more delicious treats. We have to say we love the idea of these ‘training pack size’ treats! The packets are only 15g in weight and consist of a handful of tiny bite size pieces of either variety – Biltong or Super Sticks. Ours was Super Sticks – which was perfect as it saved on us chopping them up! Needless to say Ollie & Penny devoured these!

Time for the technical stuff. So what’s in these treats?

This won’t take long, as there is not a lot more than what you see really. The Super sticks and Biltongs are made from dry curing premium grade silverside beef in vinegar, sea salt, garlic and natural herbs. Yes that’s it. As a result they are:

– High in Protein
– Low in Salt
– Low in Fat
– Sugar Free

They have no gluten, corn, wheat, MSG, soya, artificial flavourings or carbohydrates. We obviously always recommend checking the back of each pack for individual ingredients and feeding guidelines

ByBenji Dry Cured Dog Treats - Review by Ollie & Penny

In Summary…

First we have to point out we do watch the wieners intake of both food and treats carefully, so they didn’t get all these yummy ByBenji treats to try out in one go, but instead spread out over a 4 – 5 day period.

Overall, we love these treats  and what we can say is over the last week both Ollie & Penny really adored both varieties of these treats! If we had to choose one that they preferred it would be impossible! For us the Biltong Sausage just has the advantage, as it was just more manageable.

The packaging and branding deserve another quick mention too – including the leaflets that came with the treats! The silver vacuum packs are great – we love them – and they really help promote the product being modern and stylish.

While the price per packet may seem a bit high for some, these treats are at the higher end of the market in terms of quality and are really worth it, in our opinion.

You can try these treats out for yourself by going to ByBenji’s website: where they are priced from £5.99 (€6.55) per packet!  If you are a little hesitant why not give the Snack pack a try at £1.99 (€2.17) per pack – perfect for trialing these out! Do let us know if your try them!

*ByBenji has provided their Biltong treats for Ollie & Penny to try. All views and opinions expressed are our own and we have received no financial contributions for this review.

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