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Salmon Oil & the Benefits for your Dog

Salmon Oil and the Benefits for your Dog - Ollie & Penny Blog Ireland

Since the start of this year, with the whole ‘new beginnings’ & ‘diets’ vibe in the air, we decided to try Ollie on something new – Pooch & Mutt’s Salmon Oil  supplement for dogs. We’ve been meaning to get him onto something to give him an extra boost after everything he’s been through and Salmon Oil has always been on the back of our mind for a while.

A bit of background info…

To give new readers (hello & welcome, get a cuppa  and settle in!) a bit of background to our little man and why we’d feel the need for a supplement; we thought we’d run you through his history again quickly.

Right from a puppy Ollie has always had a few issues, from allergies to diet requirements. When he was 3 he had his first operation for IVDD – Intervertebral Disk Disease. In simple layman terms he had back problems , which unfortunately persist in the breed – dachshunds. He got through this and was back on his feet very quickly. As his hoomans it is always on the back of your mind, ‘What if….. it happens again?’ Well exactly 3 years later in January 2017 our fears were realised and it happened again.

This time was more serious and it didn’t help that we missed the symptoms as we thought he was having an epileptic seizure – which he was diagnosed with in 2016. After coming through another back operation Ollie was a bit worse for wear. It took a lot of hard work from him & us, but he is back on his feet now – with a bit of ‘brow beaten old drunk man’ demeanor.

Doing Good…. So far!

At the moment all is good for Ollie, touch wood! So we thought now would be a good as time as any to try something new. Like us hoomans, as we get older we need to look after ourselves a little bit more. Ollie is the same. His joints, immune system, skin and coat has been through quite a bit over the last year or more and so could do with a little boost & pampering.

We decided we needed to concentrate on the most important areas first. So in particular we started looking for something to help his joints & legs as these take quite the battering every day. His skin & coat was our next concern as he has lost a bit of hair on his tail and his belly can get a bit raw & sensitive too at times.

We initially thought about supplements and Salmon Oil was right at the top of my goto list to explore. I have read about the benefits of salmon oil before as I had experience of past clients (via Ollie’s Petcare) using it with their dogs. They had joint problems and raved about the positive results they seen. So research began… with our first port of call being our local pet stores.

Salmon Oil and the Benefits for your Dog - Ollie & Penny Blog Ireland

Salmon Oil

We’ve been told in the past that finding Salmon Oil for dogs in Ireland is a problem. To a degree we found this still to be true, though there are more options out there now. What we found was most ‘big’ chain pet stores in Ireland either didn’t stock salmon oil or only stocked their own in-house generic brand.

Now these may be great, but for us generic own brands just doesn’t cut it for something that will be going in Ollie’s diet every day. We also found the majority of these ‘own brand’ salmon oils came in very small bottles and if they did have larger bottles they cost quite a bit!  This proved a problem for us. If it was to be given as a daily supplement to Ollie then we wanted more than a small bottle – otherwise we’d be forever running out and could see us giving up in the end or worse having a break in treatment.

This is when we remembered Pooch & Mutt. Although you may know this UK brand from their rather funky packaging & mini bone treats, they originally started in the pet supplement market. Having used & trusted many of their products before we popped on their website to find out a bit more about their salmon oil and if they still made it! They did – in 500ml bottles; they also had a sale on – that is what you call fate! 

What are the benefits of Salmon Oil for my dog?

Salmon Oil and the Benefits for your Dog - Ollie & Penny Blog IrelandIt’s all about fatty acids. The main reasons for giving salmon oil as a supplement to your dog is for the natural source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids that it contains. Your dog cannot produce these Omega fatty acids by themselves and research originally showed that these fatty acids are vital for normal growth in your pet. More recently these Omega fatty acids, including 3, 6 and 9 were discovered to have further health benefits including:

– Improves the coat and skin, making it soft and shiny.
– Reduces inflammation that can lead to conditions such as arthritis.
– Helps to prevent skin allergies
– Helps with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
– Regulates the immune system.
– Calming overactive immune systems for dogs with allergies or autoimmune diseases.
– Aids in mental development of fetuses and puppies.
– Improves cognitive function in older dogs.
– Lowers blood pressure.
– Provides support for dogs with kidney disease.
– Fights heart disease.
– Is preventative against cancer
– Useful in the treatment of kidney problems (frequent urination, loss of appetite)
– The appearance of joint problems is lessened.

So that is why you should include it in your pets diet, and it’s never too late to start adding it.

We need to mention the negatives of Salmon Oil too…

Playing devils advocate, as we do need to know all the facts to make an informed decision on whether to give this to your dog. Salmon oil, as we read above has many great benefits, but it can also cause some side effects too and isn’t suitable for every dog. These are:

– Weight gain: this can be managed with a healthy diet and regular exercise
– Bad breathe; this can be resolved by regularly cleaning their teeth
– Stomach ache and pain
– Dizziness
– Nausea
– Loose stool and diarrhea

Not every dog will take to salmon oil and not every dog will have these side affects. You need to weigh up the positives and negatives for your dog and their lifestyle. For Ollie many of the benefits suited our requirements for a supplement but also his health needs. From a human perspective on the downside is the smell. Yes it’s salmon oil, it smells fishy – what else did you expect. But it isn’t that bad really.

Salmon Oil and the Benefits for your Dog - Ollie & Penny Blog Ireland

The Results

Ollie took to Pooch & Mutt’s salmon oil straight away with no hesitation or side effects. He gets 1 teaspoon (…measured per weight) each morning mixed with his kibble. He has been on it for a couple of months now and the only negative that we’ve noticed recently is he might be gaining a little extra weight. This is more down to his reduced exercise schedule due to a lack of general mobility – and our lack of perseverance. 

Overall the positives that we’ve noticed for Ollie already far out weigh that one negative for us. His coat is back to being shiny and lively and he has noticeably (…even by my mum on a recent trip home!) been more mobile & energetic around the house – particularly using his back legs. Although we haven’t noticed any hair growth in the patches that are missing, we also haven’t noticed any further loss either.

We can’t help but recommend salmon oil with the results we’ve seen with Ollie. We wouldn’t really choose any other brands other than Pooch & Mutt. It is important to choose a good quality, high standard product and we feel P&M provide this for us personally. We’d be interested to hear what other brands owners use & where to find them in the comments below.

On a side note, incase anyone is wondering about little Penny. No she has not been over looked in all of this. While Ollie was our main reason for getting salmon oil we did also try her on it too. Unfortunately, although she loves salmon oil and really likes it in her kibble, she did have a number of side effects as listed above – including nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain on two separate occasions. It’s just not for her. She does however enjoy licking Ollie’s bowl after his brekkie – which will have to do for now! 

If your interested in Salmon Oil and would like to try out the one we use, you can find it here on Pooch & Mutt’s website, priced at £12.99 per 500ml bottle.

Regards & Woofs

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