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The annual Top Dog Names of the Year – 2018!

Top Dog Names of 2018

We love seeing what was the most popular pets names from the previous year. It’s always nice to see what has been trending and if the old reliables still come out on top! Well this year has a popular name taking the top spot amoung the boys and the girls – with a few new additons from previous years. 

We’re not going to include the years popular cats names (…you can find these here!) but Disney-inspired names like Simba and Tigger were popular with cat owners, while puppy parents preferred traditionally human names like Max, Archie, Ruby, Lucy and Molly. Also someone we know well has joined the ranks of the top ten this year!! 

So let’s see them, here’s the list of the top twenty, 10 male & 10 female, most popular dog names as surveyed by Pet Insurance Australia in 2018.

Take a sniff below….

Male dog names:

1. Charlie
2. Max
3. Archie
4. Buddy
5. Ollie
6. Milo
7. Oscar
8. Bailey
9. Alfie
10. Cooper

Female dogs names:

1. Bella
2. Luna
3. Ruby
4. Molly
5. Coco
6. Daisy
7. Lucy
8. Rosie
9. Lola
10. Poppy

Source: www.countryliving.com

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