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Editor’s Pick: Derek The Dachshund by Lucy Alice Designs!

Editors Pick: Derek The Dachshund by Lucy Alice Designs - Ollie & Penny, Blog, Ireland

Week four of our ‘Editor’s Picks‘ and this is the last pick for January and the last from myself for 4 weeks! Next week and for the entire month of February your editors picks will be provided by hooman #2 Thomas!! We’re looking forward to them, but back to today!

What are our ‘Editors Picks’?

Running our dog blog and petcare businesses we regularly come across many great products that we just love so much and never really get to share or tell anyone about – so this is our space to post about these pawsome products!  These could be new to you or they could just be new to us – but I’m sure they will all be essential for any dog loving people! This week our pick is….

‘Derek The Dachshund’ by Lucy Alice Designs

Editors Pick: Derek The Dachshund by Lucy Alice Designs - Ollie & Penny, Blog, Ireland

Why I picked this…

This week our pick is more for us hoomans, the fabulously elegant and cute ‘Derek the Dachshund’ cushion by Lucy Alice Designs. This little cushion is what us sausage dog owners and lovers aspire to getting as a present from the family – instead of dachshund socks, mugs or tshirts.  Dachshund pawrents will know what I’m saying here. ‘Derek’ is handmade from 100% cotton and natural materials. Derek measures approx 30 cm long and 18 cm tall – and we want one!

Derek is hand screen printed in Kent, England using a three colour technique. Geometric patterns and block colours in black, mint green and grey are combined to create a modern and sleek coat! He is then carefully stitched in our Kent studio and finished with hand stitching.

Lucy Alice Designs

Some quick details…

– Handmade in the UK!
– Made to order!
– Measures approx 30 cm long and 18 cm tall.
– Avaliable in Pink or Yellow!

Derek can be ordered online via Not On The High Street & the link below plus you can find our more about Lucy Alice Designs via the webite www.lucyalicedesigns.co.uk

via www.notonthehighstreet.com

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Regards & Woofs,

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